Pesäpuu ry is a nationwide child welfare association bringing expertise to the field of child welfare. The activities of Pesäpuu are for the public good, and our work is economically supported by the Slot Machine Association, RAY.

The aim of our activities is to develop high-quality and well-planned work in child welfare. In our work, we emphasise the value of work being done with children as clients in child welfare services, and especially with children in care. In child welfare services, the voice of a child is to be heard more clearly than before.

Our work concerns the development that arises from the needs in child welfare work, of implementing the developed activities into the field by training and by continuous assessment, of follow-up and of research. We also produce concrete tools for working with children in child welfare.

Pesäpuu ry cooperates with communities, schools and both Finnish and international associations in the field. Pesäpuu ry is a member of Central Union for Child Welfare, Finnish Federation for Social Welfare and Health, SOTE ry, International Foster Care Organisation IFCO, Eurochild and Nordic Foster Care Association NOFCA.

Pesäpuu ry is actively taking part in social debates. In opinion forming, Pesäpuu focuses in active involvement of children and young people in issues concerning their own lives.

Developmental work

The aim of the developmental work in Pesäpuu is the realisation of children’s participation and rights in child welfare. We develop concrete methods and tools for the workers who meet children and families. Children, families, workers and schools that are involved in child welfare also take part in the developmental work. Pesäpuu is maintaining and developing the PRIDE-program in order to meet the diverse needs of today’s foster care.

Implementation and training

The working methods developed are being implemented by providing training so that the methods can be applied by everyone. Training combines theoretical and practical knowledge, while in group-activities, knowledge of the trainees is employed for the benefit of the whole group. Interaction and using various activities promote the process of learning.

Follow-up and assessment

Pesäpuu’s developmental work includes the systematic collection of feedback from the trainees as well as from the workers and clients using our methods and tools. Pesäpuu conducts research and publishes reports in cooperation with schools and universities.



  • Planning
  • Belief in teamwork
  • Sudden insights
  • Processing
  • New competencies
  • Child’s perspective

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